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5 Mistakes of Real Estate Experts to Use Social Media

5 Mistakes of Real Estate Agents to Use Social Media

Are you a real estate professional? Have you made social media profiles to promote your business? Real estate SEO experts have realized the importance of social media presence to connect to their customers. This helps realtors stay ahead in cut-throat competition. Some of them are trying with the process while others are facing problems. Real estate Agents need effective suggestions, ideas and other social marketing tips to attain success.

Read on to know some common mistakes of real estate agents. 

  1. Without clear goal – 

    Real estate experts make Facebook, Google+, Twitter accounts without a clearly developed plan for online marketing. Without making objectives, clear goals and a target audience for your social presence, it will make you struggle to get fans and followers.

  2. Fail to communicate –

    The aim of social marketing includes making relationships. Most real estate experts use their listings to treat as content. Nobody is coming to social media to buy houses, they come to these platforms to communicate with others. If someone wants to buy a home, he normally searches it online. Social media is not for advertising your brand, it is about building online identity. You should create helpful content and have effective communication. You may contact a reputed digital marketing company that provides SEO for real estate agents.

  3. Poor understanding to use social platforms –

    It is easy to sign up on several social media platforms. You should understand how to use them properly to share high-quality content, and build relationships with clients. Without using these platforms to their full potential or leaving opportunities to build relationship or network, it will be waste of time. It is better to use one social site effectively than using several sites poorly. 

  4. Not maintaining social marketing etiquette –

    Every social sites use different terminologies to identify an user for example, a fan in Facebook, or a follower in Twitter. There are circles and communities in Google+ and pinners in Pinterest. Whatever name they may have, you should consider them as possible clients who are interested in your business. It is advised to share their content, follow them and communicate with them by re tweeting, commenting, repining and others. Else, they will find another person in the industry who is involved in real estate marketing. It is important to follow right manners in social marketing to develop your brand and identity. 

  5. Duplicate content – 

    By using original content in your social sites, it helps you promote the brand. It is recommended to use your social platforms properly since they will help you build a network of individuals and businesses who will also share your content. You need to focus on the content that is helpful to create bonding relationships. Information about industry, quotes, humor can be used to start. It is suggested to contact a well-known SEO agency that offers online marketing for estate agents.

If you commit any of the above mistakes, it is time to rebuild your social marketing strategies. It is suggested to focus on one platform at a time. Gather effective ideas to improve your content, strategies to build communication and relationship. You may research online to get effective strategies for success on each platform.

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Toronto Condos Market

How to Invest in Toronto Condos Market

Toronto currently has a very dynamic real estate market with opportunities for investment throughout the city, compared to other international cities Toronto’s average per square foot cost of condos is considerably less at $750/psf.

Compared to New York at $1,600/psf, and $1,000/psf in Vancouver, Toronto has plenty of room for healthy growth.

When deciding to invest in the Toronto real estate market one must decide on their investment goals.

Example goals would include: (1) Receive a stable cash flow and slowly pay down a mortgage (2) Focus on equity growth and avoid having a mortgage.

If you were interested in achieving a stable cash flow you might consider investing in a residential resale condominium, working with a professional real estate agent you could get a solid understanding of what expenses are associated with your investment.

Some potential expenses include: maintenance fees, property taxes, mortgage/debt payments, and landlord insurance.

Your potential profit stream would come from rental income usually paid out in post dated cheques.

According to fleurcondos60shuter one of those investment opportunities is fleur condos, located in down town Toronto, Canada.

To evaluate your investment and compare it to others in the marketplace, your real estate advisor can determine what the capitalization rate is.

The cap rate is determined by taking the yearly profit and subtracting expenses (but not subtracting debt servicing) then dividing by the list price of your investment and multiplying by 100.

This calculation will give you a percentage which represents the yearly return on your investment; once you have performed this calculation for several investments you are considering it will be easy to compare them side by side.

If you were interested in focusing mostly on equity growth you would want to consider a new construction purchase in either the condominium market or the housing market.

In either situation new construction purchases require you to make deposits in a stagnated fashion, usually around 20% broken up into 5 or more payments, after you sign the purchase contract and start making your deposit payments you are not required to pay any other fees, including mortgage, insurance, and maintenance until the property is constructed which could take anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

New construction investments allow you to own property without the burden of any monthly expenses.

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Multi Unit Rental Properties

Multi Unit Rental Properties

Are you looking to make money with real estate?  If this sounds like you, there are many options just waiting to be explored. But sometimes this is a bit more difficult than you would think. After all, you do not want to lose any money when you invest in real estate.  But the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a safe investment. Sure, you can find some properties that have more potential than others, but all in all everything that you do when it comes to real estate investing has some sort of risk involved.

One of the most popular options to consider is multi unit rental properties.  If you are not sure of what these are you should look into them as soon as possible. Multi unit rental properties are pretty much what they sound like. They are a single property with more than one unit in each one. Think an apartment building for example.  Even though it is only one building, there are several units that can be rented out.

The way that you make money with multi unit rental properties is quite simple. Since there are several units in one building you can rent each one out for a set price each month. And if you can fill your building up with tenants you will most definitely make money in the long run. The tough thing about multi unit rental properties is that you will have to manage them if you decide to rent out all of the units.  Even though this is not hard to do, it can be quite time consuming.  Just remember, every time a tenant has a problem, you will have to come to the rescue and help them out.  This often times means that you will have to work on the weekends, or take time out of your night to do your job.

If you are not excited about the management aspect of multi unit rental properties there is an option you can consider. You can hire a property management company to assist you with all of the day to day tasks that can be quite time consuming. These companies will help to collect your rent each month, and will also be responsible for all of the repairs and overall well being of the property. Of course you will have to pay for this service, but for most multi unit rental property owners it is well worth the money.

Making money with multi unit rental properties is something that you should look into. It offers many benefits, and if you get on track you can make loads of cash.

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Most Expensive Properties

Take a Walk through Most Expensive Properties on Earth

Designed by and professionally trained architects from all across the world, these most expensive, and obviously the finest, houses in the world are groomed with the finest luxuries that money can buy. These properties are held by the rich and famous top business magnates, mega investors, COO’s and CEO’s. While some of these mind-bowing structures have been around for years, others are comparatively new and revolutionizing the era of modern day castles.

Here, we take a quick walk through some of the world’s most expensive houses.

Duke Semans Mansion at 5th Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Valued at a whopping $44 million, and owned by Carlos Helu Slim who has a net worth of $73 billion, the Semans Mansion was purchased for $44 million in the year 2010. Recently, this lavish property was up for sales and had an $88 million price label to go with it. Overall, this French Renaissance interior ridden 8-story building, with gold-leaf trimmed frills and highlight ceilings, is certainly a sight to behold.

Kesington Palace Gardens in London, UK

Tagged at $72 million, this impressive property is owned by Tamara Ecclestone, the eldest daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Magnate with a net worth of $500 million. This house has 57-rooms and boasts of a bowling alley, beauty salon, pool, car lift, basement cinema and a dog spa.

The Manor at Holmby Hill, LA California

Priced at $85 million and owned by Petra Stunt, the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the owner of Formula One, The Manor or the Spelling manor as it is also called, was first listed at $150,000 in the market. It was eventually purchased by Petra for $85 million after two years of remaining unsold. The 56,000 sq ft mansion possesses 123 rooms and is considered to be among the largest properties in LA county. Along with a gift-wrapping room, bowling alley, gym, screening room, pool, tennis court, and a huge car garage, it has plenty of bedrooms and offices as well.

15 Central Park West Penthouse in New York

Valued at $88 million, this penthouse is under the ownership of Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the rich daughter of Dmitriy Rybolovleva, the Russian fertilizer tycoon. This property encompasses wrap around terrace, 10 rooms, 7 walk-in closets, and a well-staked library. Indeed, this most expensive house is a fine property, and is used by Ekaterina – college student – as her apartment in NY.

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Mystic CT Real estate

Make Your Investment Successful with Real Estate Mystic CT

Buying or selling a home is a significant investment, and it is considered as one of the important events in life. But before going to buy or sell a property, remember that, to make your investment profitable and successful, you should get some professional help and expertise from a real estate agent at Mystic CT. Mystic CT Real estate is working efficiently to provide maximum assistance to the clients who are interested in buying or selling a property. They have experience, skills, knowledge and expertise to help you at a peak level.

In Mystic CT, real estate agents are working with full efficiency to help the people, in achieving their goal to buy or sell a property in a quick and stress-free manner. The real estate agent supports you throughout the process, from begging till the end of the buying or selling process.

Benefits of Getting Help from Real Estate Agent:

When you get help from a real estate agent, it ensures that you will make an adequate investment.

Essential Knowledge and Information:

The professional real estate agents have all the required knowledge and information necessary for buying or selling a property. They know the market prices, rates, best location, available properties and everything you want to know.

  • Find Best Property Under Your Budget:

When you go to a real estate company at Mystic CT, they first ask about your budget and requirements. After this, they help you in finding the best property for you, in your budget. They also recommend you to the home mortgage companies and assist you with getting a loan.

  • Save Your Time:

When you come to a real estate agent and tell about your criteria and requirements, they help you with the perfect property list that matches your needs. You do not have to look for a lot of houses and property, and it saves your time. On the other side, if you are going to sell a home, they will meet you with the potential clients, with whom you can deal.

  • Make Efficient Contract:

The realtors are also very helpful for you to make a proper contract with the other party whether you are buying or selling a home. They have knowledge, experience, and understanding so that they can negotiate in the most effective way than you.

So, if you want to make your investment highly successful for you and do not want to waste your time and money, go to get the expertise of real estate in Mystic CT.

Various companies and real estate agent Westerly RI are offering their expertise but always go for the best and strong real estate agent. If you are interested in getting help from a real estate at Mystic CT, go to and find the best help for you.

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