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10 Tricks to Sell Your Mobile Home Better (and Faster)

A few tweaks can make a difference. This is the maxim of ‘mobile home staging’, a technique that makes mobile homes more attractive to buyers.

In the first three months of this year 4,593 mobile homes have been sold, 80% second-hand. These figures are the best in recent years – in the country as a whole, there were no similar results since 2011, according to the College of Registrars – but, despite this apparent change in trend, most of these operations remain a small ‘triumph’, something worth celebrating by uncorking a bottle of champagne and throwing confetti. Definitely, the times when you just had to hang the ‘sell’ sign and sit down and wait for offers, so, without disheveled, the crisis took them.

Currently, for someone to be interested in a property – and let’s not say to take the big step of acquiring it -, you have to work it out. And to resort to all the possible tricks: it is not about deceiving, but of harnessing the virtues of our house. Only in this way will it stand out in that tidal wave of real estate portals that the Internet offers, where potential buyers make a first screen, and will make those who decide to visit it fall in love. How is the crush achieved? There is a real estate marketing practice called ‘mobile home staging’, something like ‘house staging’, which offers some guidelines to improve the appearance of housing incredibly by making a small investment. Here, as with many other things, it has been difficult for us to adopt it.

1. Goodbye to sad photos

To advertise your mobile home it is essential that the photos you show are of quality and highlight your strengths. A good framing or adequate lighting work miracles. It is the first claim, which will give rise to a visit or not. That is why it is not understood that photographic disasters are often seen that stop perpetrated by the seller’s worst enemy. Scrambled rooms, with blinds down, poorly made beds … on the net there are many ‘houses of horrors’. If you cannot get the services of a professional, look for someone with a good hand for photography or strive a little, because you have to be aware that you are playing

2. A painting capita, hand of saint

It is an excellent way to give a fresh and ‘new’ air to a house. Better to opt for light and neutral colors -white, light gray-, which give a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness and, in addition, are liked by almost everyone. Then, to animate the set, details are added in the decoration of bright colors (a vase, some cushions …).

3. You have to ‘depersonalize’

When a potential buyer enters your mobile home, you should see yourself living in it. This sensation, according to experts, usually occurs in the first seconds. Therefore, your collections of ‘Star Wars’ dolls, your honeymoon photo, your soccer trophies and your children’s crafts should disappear, no matter how much you think they are endearing. Your house is no longer your house: it is a commercial space. I did not forget it.

4. Cleaning

It may seem like a truism. Who does not clean the house he has for sale well when they come to see it? Well, they would be surprised. “It’s fundamental. It has to be unpolluted. Any trace of dirt can spoil the operation. «When someone goes to a job interview, they go clean and clean, right? Showing your best appearance. Well this is the same.

5. Smells that kill … or sell

Since the first impression is good (if not, there is nothing to do), smell is a fundamental issue. If you have a pet, you must eliminate its olfactory presence. Ventilate the house well so that it does not smell of closed or food. If the buyer perceives any unwanted smell, it will go against it. To make the smell pleasant, some property agents recommend making coffee or baking something, so that the feeling of entering is positive. Beware of strong air fresheners, they can also produce rejection. “It’s about creating a cozy atmosphere and playing with the senses.

6. Outside tackle

You have to order. Many times the houses seem worse than they are due to the profusion of things that have ended up accumulating here and there as if by magic. We may have become accustomed and we no longer notice his presence, but the truth is that they take away space, give a sense of disorder and recharge the environment. So, without mercy: saved junk. You have to clear as much as possible. «Do not trust that the buyer will make an effort of imagination to see the possibilities of the space you show him if he removes things or changes something. He won’t do it. So you have to make it easy.

7. Move furniture

If necessary, get rid of those that are not worth it and affect the whole. And those that remain, place them so that there are wide areas of passage. The excess ages the rooms and obscures them. But don’t leave the rooms empty either, because they give the feeling of being small and that doesn’t suit either.

8. Gain light

When entering a mobile home, one of the first things that the potential buyer will notice is light. Therefore, we must try to strengthen it anyway. If there is good natural light, take full advantage (blinds above, open curtains if they are thick) and, if not, resort to artificial, with warm light spots scattered around the house. To gain lightness, remove dark carpets and textiles – from the sofa, from the beds – and replace them with light ones. If the sofa is old, some clear covers can ‘save’ it and give it a fresh touch.

9. Fix the damage

It is not about embarking on a major reform, but it is convenient to fix small damages – cracks, moisture stains, a broken plug. It does not cost much and prevents the buyer from trying to bargain by holding on to those failures. The bathroom and kitchen are especially important. If the tiles are outdated or not in good condition, give them a coat of special paint. The change is brutal. «In the end, people have to understand that it is an investment. And, for very little money, the results are very remarkable. It is sold before and at a better price, absolutely guaranteed. Some reports state that an investment of 1,000 usd makes a difference in the sales price of 5,000 to 6,000.

10. Those little touches, a plus

The house is already clean, tidy, repaired … How can we make it even more beautiful? Well, with some simple details that gives the final touch. For example, a vase with flowers, a plant, some new towels in the bathroom or a small reading corner. There are even mobile homes staging companies that place replicas of works of art on you. Although these things should not be the most relevant – it is clear that what is decisive are the square meters of the house, the house as a whole and other structural elements.

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sell my mobile home

How to Sell Your Mobile House Faster

The average term of sale of a home in USA is about 8 months. If we need to sell the mobile house, either because we need the money or to make an investment, we will consider a number of factors that can encourage this sale to be done faster.

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How is the market

The average sales period is only 2.5 months, while in in some areas it doubles, going from 4.8 to 5.4 months. Although it should be noted that in a large part of the autonomous communities it usually takes between 6 months and less than 1 year.

According to the market price

Even if you want to sell the mobile house quickly, it is not necessary to reduce the price. So an important factor is to calculate the sale price, according to the valuation that our mobile house has characteristics of the mobile house and the neighborhood, and the state of the real estate market at that time.

Have all the documentation in order

It is better to have on hand the documentation on the deeds of the mobile house and any procedure that causes everything to be delayed, because this way we save time when there are possible buyers. All details should be designed so that the buyer does not distrust us and see that everything is in order.

Publish the announcement of the sale of the mobile house in portals and social networks

Thanks to the Internet, many more people will see that our mobile house is sold and the options of someone buying it multiply. It is not about putting our ad on all web portals but on that real estate, in the sector and that offer a guarantee and transaction security, both for the buyer and for the seller.

At this point, it is important to show good photographs, which are of quality and do not give rise to false expectations, describe the real characteristics, both of the floor and the area, and extol the strong points of the neighborhood. Constant renewal of the ad and feedback with potential buyers are also important factors.

Help from a professional

We are not experts, so having the help of a professional real estate agent can save us many steps and it will be easier to sell our mobile house sooner than we think. From the API website they advise that we should look for a professional who is responsible for managing the sales operation and visits of potential buyers. You will save time, money and energy.

For this we must have a conversation with an API agent, for example, and explain what our expectations, priorities and availability are to offer visits or delegate them. With this information, the professional can start designing the sales strategy that best suits your needs.

Make home improvements

We must invest a little in leaving the mobile house in a good state to sell it faster. A space with light, without noise, tidy, with good decoration, clean, and without damage helps us to earn points so that the mobile house is attractive and is sold before.

Currently, many real estate agencies offer home staging services, a term that refers to the staging of a mobile house, consisting of making changes to the home so that it shows much better, in every way. The purpose is to make improvements in housing and accelerate its sale.

Some more tips:

  • The entrance is the first thing you see when you visit a flat, so we must ensure that it is well-groomed and clean.
  • Check the faucets so they all work.
  • Analyze the decoration objectively and if necessary, modify it while the mobile house is open to visits from potential buyers.
  • That the interior of the mobile house look as spacious as possible.
  • Light it strategically so it looks good.
  • Order and neatness are essential.
  • Glow shine to the bathroom.
  • Clean the whole mobile house.
  • To enhance the positive aspects of the mobile house and avoid giving too much importance to the negatives.
  • Be nice and pleasant with visits.
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5 Key Points to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Selling your house is a very big decision. It influences economic aspects and emotional aspects. A decision of this nature includes the people closest to you. Sometimes, selling your home becomes a family decision and when the time comes, the key question arises, how should I sell it?

Even if you may sell your home on your own, working with a real estate agent is the best option. They will help you with all the paperwork necessary to transfer a real estate, ensure that the house is sold at the best price and ultimately advise you in the process of buying and selling the property. Additionally, being part of a network, they can place your home in less time than you could do on your own.

Before choosing your real estate agent, make sure of these 5 key points.

  1. Sales commission

It is important to know from the beginning how much you will charge commission once the sale has been made. Normally commissions range from 3 to 5% of the total value of the sale. Sometimes the commissions can reach up to 7% which will be fine, as long as they justify the percentage with the work, marketing and investment plan they will carry out to sell the property. Remember, the commission of an agent must be aligned with the price of the property, the effort and the technologies that you will use to sell your property.

  • Web platforms

In the age of the internet, it is extremely important that agents use web platforms to offer their clients’ properties. Make sure the agent you are working with uses web platforms. There are several web platforms such as Sonny Shaikh. This will be one of the fastest ways to move your property.

  • Professional photographs

The photos of the property will be the first impression in the eyes of the buyers. Frequently, real estate agents use their cell phones to take photos of the property. This is why those who use professional photography services will attract a greater number of interested parties so that they can sell the property at the best price and in less time.

  • Virtual Reality Real Estate Technologies

The real estate industry is in a radical change because the introduction of virtual reality to the field is changing the way houses are searched. Although it is relatively new and few agents handle it, those who do manage to sell the properties 10 times faster than the others. If your agent uses it, you know that it is at the forefront. Click here to see a property with this technology

  • Exclusiveness

This last point is very important. Many times we think that the more agents and brokers sell the property, the greater the scope they have to sell it and the faster the sales process will be. Even if it could be justified with the saying “the more the better” in the real estate industry, it is not. By granting the exclusivity of the property, you allow the agent to secure a sales commission so you can justify investing in professional services to sell your home. It is a simple rule of logic, if there is no exclusivity, the agent cannot secure his commission so he will not invest in professional services and therefore the house will take longer to sell.

Before selecting the ideal agent, consider the previous 5 points before selecting the agent that will sell your home. Remember that exclusivity contracts must be granted for a limited time (recommended 5 to 6 months). After this time the agent must have sold your property. Otherwise you can find a new agent to move your property. Make sure your agent uses the best technologies to present your home and negotiate a fair commission with the agent.

How to Choose a Realtor

10 Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

The time has come to sell or rent your house or apartment, either because you move to a larger or smaller space (as the case may be) within the same city where you live but you don’t have time to make appointments and present the home, or by plane you move to another city or country.

1. Ask friends or acquaintances for recommendations

If you know of someone who has recently put a property up for sale or rent through a real estate agent, ask for information. If you are satisfied with the real estate agent who worked with him, it is a good indicator.

2. Avoid using family or friends

We often rely on family or friends to obtain certain products and services at a cheaper price, driven by the confidence we have in these people. However, it is better to go to an expert on the subject.

3. Review your marketing plan

The real estate agent that suits you best is the one with the best marketing plan that fits your budget and the characteristics of the property (condition, location, age). Check where and how you will advertise your property.

4. Corroborate if you are up to date

With the rapid growth of the internet and the sale of real estate by this means, it is very important that your real estate agent knows the latest about this channel, and advertises your property in online real estate portals such as teamshaikh learn How to Choose a Realtor.

5. Interview it thoroughly

When meeting the real estate agent, do not expect a casual talk. Go prepared as if it were a job interview and ask all possible questions, to know your experience and how you work.

6. Request references

Ask the agents that you are interviewing a list of the clients you have worked with in the last six months. Contact them and ask them for information on how the agent works and whether or not they are satisfied with it.

7. Not everything that glitters is gold

Be careful to select a real estate agent that charges few fees or commissions, as the agent must cover various expenses such as advertising. Also do not go for the agent that values ​​your home with the highest price.

8. Ask about your negotiation capacity

When interviewing the real estate agent, to give you an idea about his ability to negotiate see how he handles the issue of fees and commissions. With this you will realize how you will sell or rent your house in the future.

9. Beware of the temporality of the contract

Choose a three month trial period in the contract you enter into with the real estate agent. If you are not satisfied with its performance, you will have more flexibility to change it.

10. Franchise agents

Although it is no guarantee of a resounding success that a real estate agent belongs to a franchise or real estate agency guarantees quality standards and customer service.

Buying a home out of state

How to start investing in real estate?

1. Develop your real estate business plan

If you want to be a successful real estate investor, you should treat your investment as a business. And, like any other business and industry, you must have a plan. Your real estate investment plan will show you the steps to get started, what needs to be done, what resources are required, what to expect and will keep you focused throughout your career as a real estate investor. Therefore, take the time to think about your investment objectives, strategy, financial and marketing plans, etc. Write them down and update the document as your real estate investment portfolio grows and new information arrives.

2. Start saving

This next tip is a piece of cake. The sooner you start saving money, the sooner you can start investing in real estate. It is not necessary to save the total price of a rental property, but you do need to save for your first down payment. Typically, lenders require a 20% down payment from property investors to finance investment properties. Therefore, you may want to start reserving a percentage of your income for real estate investment plans. Also, a history of healthy savings will look good for lenders.

Also, you may need to start building your credit. So, get a secure card, just buy what you can afford and pay your bills on time. If you have any debt, pay before investing in real estate. The more debt you pay, the better your debt / income ratio, which will result in a higher credit score. Also, do not add more debt before buying an investment property and keep your credit and debt history clean.

3. Take advantage of today’s technology

Technology has changed almost every aspect of life, including real estate. Today, a real estate investor can gain access to multiple online tools designed to help you excel in the industry.

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