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Well Maintained Roof

How A Well-Maintained Roof Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

In an effort to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter, energy and electricity bills can easily fluctuate and progress into a potential pocketbook problem. Rather than looking for an external way to conserve energy, sometimes it might just be worth looking up at your roof. A well-maintained roof may seem like another expensive prospect, however, in the long run, taking care of your roof might just be the answer to keeping energy and utility costs low.

Your properties ability to maintain heat in winter, keep cool in summer, and support energy efficiency relies entirely on the quality of the roofing materials, the quality of the insulation and ventilation, and the quality of the initial installation. Roofing is much more than just the external appearance. High quality and well cared for roofing structures are an important investment for all homeowners.

A well-kept roof will provide adequate shelter, ventilation, insulation, and will assist in maintaining a steady indoor environment. This will efficiently contain conditioned air and decrease the amount of energy being used by other sources in the house. Ideally, a roofing contractor will have installed your roofing materials with your area’s climate in mind.

The key to keeping your roof well maintained is regular roofing inspections and having a roofing contracting company assess the current condition of the roof. This will help prioritise any repairs, replacements and upgrades needed for the upkeep of your roof. Without taking this initial step to upkeeping your roof, you will likely be paying for more heating or cooling services than necessary.

Poorly Kept Roofing Will End Up Costing More

A weathered, damaged or improperly installed roofing structure will not provide the adequate climate control needed for a house. This will keep cooling and heating systems working overtime, resulting in high energy and utility costs. In the warmer months, heat is radiated to the interior of the home, forcing air conditioning units to work harder and for longer periods of time. As the weather cools down, warm air being pumped out by the heater moves through the house but easily escapes with no insulation. This means the heater running at a constant pace trying to replace lost heat.

There are a number of variables that come into play when a roofing structure is failing. Whether it be poor insulation, poor insulating materials used, poor ventilation, worn out roof underlayment materials, low quality roofing materials or improper installation, there are many contributing factors that could be negatively impacting your home.


Little or no insulation contributes to both heat gain and heat loss. Heat gain is when during the warmer months, the sun heats up the roof, and is absorbed by the attic. Poor insulation allows for that heat to transfer into the home, which makes the air conditioning system work harder to obtain a cool and comfortable temperature inside the house.

Heat loss occurs when during the cooler months, the poor insulation doesn’t sufficiently maintain the heat inside the house. Rather than trapping the heat inside, it allows the heat to escape into the attic and be released to the exterior of the home. Heat loss also drives the heating to work harder in order to continue to heat the home and make up for the lost heat. As a result, both heat gain and heat loss contribute heavily to overuse of air conditioning and heating, driving up the costs of energy bills.

Vertec Roofing in Sydney note that a poorly maintained insulation in a house is one of the largest contributors to a home’s over consumption of energy. Investing in high quality insulation, especially for your attic area of your home, will significantly improve your roofing quality and decrease your energy consumption.


If a roofing system lacks proper ventilation, there will be a build-up and entrapment of moisture inside the attic space. A build-up of moisture will likely result in a contamination of condensation and mould. When enough condensation collects, it will start to drip and soak into the insulation. Over time, this will significantly damage insulation around the house and will contribute to heat loss and heat gain. Again, this can be a large factor for over consumption of energy in the home and will unnecessarily drive up utility costs.

Roofing Materials

Roofing materials that are selected with cost-effectiveness in mind rather than the home’s structure quality will likely result in poor results in insulation and ventilation. Older roofing materials also wear out rather quickly and will need replacing more often.

Nowadays, new roofing materials and design technology can cut down energy consumption and improve efficiency sustainably. Selecting the right roofing materials for the climate your home is in and the structure of your homes design will decrease the amount of money and time you spend frequently maintaining your roof.

If your roofing structure, including insulation, ventilation or materials aren’t up to scratch, your home will likely suffer. Although a roofing replacement or repair may be a large expense, it’s a long-term investment that will cut down your energy use and bills. The best place to start is to contact your local roofing company and have them inspect your current roofing situation, before making some much needed adjustments that will be better for both your home and the environment.

Asbestos Removal

The Risks of DIY Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is the naturally occurring mineral that was widely used in the industrial and commercial construction industry due to its durability and fire resistance characteristics. It was considered an excellent building and construction material, that is until, it was proven to be a human carcinogenic.

Inhalation of asbestos and exposure to the toxic fibre can cause detrimental health effects such as asbestosis, lung cancer and pleural plaque. Although the use of asbestos products has become heavily regulated today, many homes that were built before 1980s were constructed with asbestos-containing materials.

The problem that now lies with the remaining asbestos products in materials is that when the fibres become damaged, worn, or disturbed, they are released into the air and can get trapped in the lungs. If the product with asbestos is securely bound and intact, it does not pose a threat. However, if the materials are crumbling, the asbestos fibres become friable and are extremely hazardous to anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Asbestos in The Home

With the growth and popularity of DIY (Do It Yourself) tasks within home and improvement and renovations, more people are putting themselves at risk of hazardous product exposure without the knowledge and experience that is necessary for safe disposal of such products. If you’ve found that your home contains asbestos materials (or you suspect it does), inspecting and removing the asbestos yourself is strongly discouraged.

As a homeowner, the thought of having to organise an extra professional for a seemingly simple task of removal can be a foolish and expensive prospect. Although the temptation of executing the disposal of asbestos yourself may be alluring, it really isn’t worth the risks that come with DIY asbestos removal.

Asbestos removal specialists are licensed professionals that have the training, equipment and knowledge to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. In the U.S, some jurisdictions allow private homeowners to remove asbestos materials on their own, however it’s not recommended and is important to understand the hazardous risks that come with DIY asbestos abatement.

Risk of Accident

Most products that were constructed with asbestos products were produced a long time ago and are likely to be weathered and aged. Attempting to remove, transport and manoeuvre such products is incredibly dangerous as you run the risk of damaging the fibres, which releases the toxins into the air, or accidentally damaging other fragile parts of the house.

Unsuitable Removal Techniques

There are many problems that can arise if improper removal techniques are undertaken. If the area is not properly sealed, the asbestos fibres can contaminate other parts of the home unknowingly. If the appropriate personal protective equipment is not properly fitted or worn, those in contact are likely to be exposed.  

Asbestos removal company GBAR Group Sydney also strongly discourage those with asbestos products attempting simplified DIY tactics like wetting the asbestos materials, without the necessary education and training. Often contaminated pieces of asbestos materials are found in difficult places and adding water may result electrical accidents, mould or further damage to an older structure. 

Any debris or equipment used during the removal need to be safely disposed of as well with the materials. Handling contaminated items is incredibly dangerous for those without experience, and all equipment needs to be disposed of legally with the necessary licences to have it transported.

After disposing of the asbestos contaminated materials at an approved facility, a thorough clean needs to be executed of the area it was removed from. Doing this yourself runs the risk of having airborne asbestos fibres contaminate other parts of the house or building. A licensed asbestos removalist will have the training and equipment to leave your home asbestos-free confidently.  

Risk of Health

The heavy regulations on asbestos products can be mostly attributed to the extensive research on the negative health effects it has on humans. Performing DIY asbestos removal involves putting both your health and your family’s health at risk. Once those asbestos fibres are disturbed, released into the air and become trapped in a someone’s lungs, they become stuck. These stuck fibres trigger devastating diseases such as:

  • Asbestosis (lung scarring)
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • Benign Pleural Disease

Risk of Injury

Asbestos sheets can weigh very heavy at around 70 to 110 pounds per sheet. For those who are not used to working with this much weight, in a high-risk environment, they are at risk of injuring themselves. Asbestos roofing is also incredibly difficult to work with when ladders and heights are involved.

The safest and easiest way to deal with asbestos in your home is to hire a professional asbestos surveyor and removalist. It’s not illegal to removal the asbestos yourself, however, the EPA advises homeowners to find accredited specialists to undertake the work. Having a professional asbestos company inspect, remove, and dispose of the asbestos also removes all of the risks for you and your family.

sell my land fast

What You Should Know Before Buying That House in Need of Repairs

Is that house worth a good price but in need of repairs? Find here some aspects to consider before buying a house.

The idea of ​​buying an old property and renovating it until it becomes the house of your dreams or a source of income is attractive to many people. But that enthusiasm is also accompanied by many potential problems.

It is important that you know what you are getting into. Before opting for a house that needs repairs, consider whether it is the right type of property for you and what it will actually take to renovate it.

Decide what is right for you

  • Pros and cons. Although a lower selling price, a potential for resale and a sense of personal satisfaction are possible, there may also be lots of invisible costs associated with buying a home in need of repairs.
  • It takes patience. Depending on the size of the renovation, repairs to a house can take a month to a year to complete. Keep in mind that your life and that of your family could be affected for a significant amount of time. If this does not work for your lifestyle, it is better to think of a different type of property.
  • Money. Renovations can be very expensive. If you are not going to have much money available for renovations after your down payment and closing costs, it would be good to consider a house where you can live while it is being fixed. No matter what you decide, remember that there will be extra expenses no matter how carefully you plan.

What you should consider when searching

  • Location, location, location. It is the golden rule of real estate and also applies to homes that need repairs. Do your research. Check the average prices of homes and schools in the area. Take a walk around the neighborhood to see if the houses are well maintained. Buying the worst house in the best block you can afford can be a great option.
  • Condition. This can vary greatly, from needing cosmetic repairs to a total rehabilitation of the house. If you want to minimize the costs of renovation, look for a house that has ‘ good bones ‘: a roof and solid foundations, natural light, a good distribution in the plans, quality construction and a consistent design.
  • Design. Many old houses have been divided into several rooms and their design may not work for you. Although it is certainly possible to tear down walls and redistribute the spaces, this can sometimes be costly or impractical. Take this into account when you think about your renewal budget.
  • Setting. Find houses that have approximately square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Although it is possible to add them when renovating, the costs can really be accumulated, especially if you expand the space of a house.

Repairs and remodeling

Making a budget. When considering a property, a home calculator that needs repairs can help you get started with an approximate estimate of renovation costs. A trusted contractor can also help in the process.

Minor renovations. Add how many will be necessary. These may include:

  • Patch and paint walls
  • Give new finish to the floors.
  • Place tiles or carpet
  • Install sets of lights and switches
  • Fix broken windows
  • Install new kitchen cabinets or restore existing ones
  • Replace doors
  • Paint outside
  • Add a terrace

Major renovations. Add how many will be necessary. These may include:

  • Replace air conditioning systems (HVAC) or add centralized air
  • Fix foundations
  • Replace roof
  • Install new pipes, sewer or wiring
  • Replace windows
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Build garages and additions


The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers a 203k loan that allows borrowers to buy property while also financing the cost of rehabilitation.

No better

Consider the finish of adjacent houses. If most have cheaper finishes, it is probably not best to spend your money on granite counters, copper facilities in bathrooms or marble floors. Your home in need of repairs should be in line – or slightly above – the standards of homes in your neighborhood.

Buying a house is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life. And although it may seem overwhelming, a house in need of repairs can be a great way to earn more for your money. Do what you need to do, talk to trusted professionals and make an intelligent and informed decision.

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Home Sprout Properties

5 Tips to Sell Your home Online Quickly and Safely!

Although the economy is slowly resurfacing, it is not enough to satisfy the desire to sell. We want to sell fast. And in addition to fast we want to sell well. To sell fast is the Internet, and how well it depends on you. If you don’t know and want to sell your house online, today is your lucky day. Here we bring you 5 tips to sell your house online. Because why play it for you? A home is a very valuable asset for a person. Do not lose eye and find out the best way to perform this management.

We know that the Internet has entered through the big door in the lives of many. We now have more facilities, in general, in all areas. The problem is that many times we do not make good use of this tool because we do not know how to use it.

But to sell your home as quickly as possible, the Internet is your site. Are you scared or don’t you trust? Do not worry. Today, from MyRealEstateKey we will give 5 tips to sell your house online. Because we believe that ignorance is, often, cause of many problems. Now we have a tool called Internet that allows us to do many things. Of course, the greater the importance of a tool, the greater its complexity to understand it.

That is why knowing these keys, these tips, easy and simple, can help you. Help to realize what is perhaps one of the most important steps in the life of a person. Buying, renting or selling a house in Barcelona or wherever you are, is an operation that we cannot leave at random. Attention.

Can I sell faster online?

Yes. You can sell faster online. Think of it as a tool that everyone uses. Anyone with a connection can access the Network. We live in an increasingly interconnected world . We exchange millions of data daily with other users.

For this reason, putting your house up for sale online is like opening a much wider storefront. You can reach many more people and interact with it. Business opportunities are much broader, also geographically speaking. You can sell a property without any geographical restriction. You sell a property in Valencia and you can sell it to someone from Gijón or abroad.

In Tu Piso Low Cost we mix the real estate tradition with new technologies . That’s why we say that we are your real estate agent in Barcelona that helps you wherever you are. Knowing what you can and cannot do with the Internet, you will know your own limits and you can achieve your goal. Ours is to help clients fundamentally in two things: that they sell quickly and that they save money.

As the economic situation is, we believe it is the best way to help others. After all, our real estate profession is based on that, in helping the client achieve his goal. Internet is an infinite tool, which if you know how to use it can give you a lot. What does our methodology consist of? It consists of offering you only the services you need. Forget about “extra” packages and services that you will have to pay in the end. You choose what suits you. We advise you and accompany you in the process.

5 tips to sell your home online

1. Prepare your house for sale

If we want to sell our house online, we must first see it as a product and not as our house. We have to make the first impression positive. We buy by the eyes.

Knowing this, we will have to clean, remove all personal belongings, see amplitude, fix any damage, highlight strengths and make a neutral house with which the buyer imagines living there.

Selling your home online is easy if you know how to persuade the consumer. Need help? We lend it to you. We advise you and advise you on or what works and does not work at home case. Look at us as a private teacher. In the end, you learn the lesson and go to the test with help, ours.

2. The photographs

Once the property is conditioned, we will move on to the photographs. This is very important. It will be what customers will see, buyers. To do business online we have to be very visual. With good photos you can even increase the price of the property.

For this you will need adequate equipment. You don’t have to stand with your cell phone and that’s it. If you don’t want to take a risk, hire a professional.

3. Publish the home on the Internet

Publish the photographs on the main platforms dedicated to the sale of real estate. The better known the platforms are, the more chances of selling fast. Obviously, with less known platforms it is also possible to sell. You will have to analyze what types of properties the portal sells and to whom they are directed.

4. The text

Important! Do not neglect the message. We have said that the Internet is very visual, but people like to be told what they are seeing. Therefore, the description text is essential for the sale. Nobody is going to buy a home from a user who cannot write or does it with spelling mistakes.

5. Offline actions

Take advantage of your offline resources too. Word of mouth and the incursion of the topic in conversations will help you speed up the process. Recommendations or the subject it can reach a potential buyer.

This is, then, the 5 tips to sell your house online that we give you from MyRealEstateKey . If you want to sell your house quickly, easily, safely and without commissions, MyRealEstateKey is your trusted online real estate. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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Aldea Blanca Nueva Andalucia

Villa Residential Developments – Nueva Andalucia

After the first part of our blog about Urbanizations of villas located on the Golden Mile, we return to the list to continue discovering the places that our home hides. In the beginning of our previous blog, we already talked about the advantages when acquiring a villa in front of other properties, and the most favorable factor of those advantages is usually the simple fact that they are located in Marbella. One of the ten most populous and important municipalities in Andalusia, being considered the most important of the Costa del Sol and all of Spain in terms of tourism. Its appeal in international markets is mainly due to its climate, its hotel infrastructure, its golf courses, its gastronomy … although there is a long etcetera because it offers alternatives for all kinds of experiences and visitors. Thanks to this, the desire to live in Marbella is so abundant among the citizens of the world, which has given rise to varied areas and urbanizations with different characteristics. That is why we continue with our list focusing this time on Nueva Andalucia.

Although it is true that Nueva Andalucia is already known in itself for being a much sought after residential area thanks to its wide avenues and the offer of comforts and facilities typical of a city, but suppressing noise and traffic. The villas occupy most of the land of this lush golf course valley, bordering Puerto Banus.


Located in the north corner of Puerto Banus, we could say that this luxurious urbanization is located on the border between Puerto Banus and Nueva Andalucia, we find Atalaya de Río Verde. With only two entrances, the first from Puerto Banus that takes us directly to the main street of this wonderful enclave. From the first step within the urbanization you realize that you are in a very special place, with wide and immaculate streets that give rise to some of the best properties that Marbella is proud of. Its location offers discretion, tranquility, and a slight walk from Puerto Banus and its beaches.


La Pera, a closed and consolidated urbanization, at the entrance of Nueva Andalucia, a few meters from Puerto Banus and the Plaza Center consisting of supermarkets, shops, restaurants, pharmacies and bars. One of the urbanizations with more stories within its walls of our city, in which renowned characters have lived.


Those who know La Cerquilla have tried to keep this secret guarded. This exclusive area of ​​Nueva Andalucia is hidden among the green plains of the fields that make up the Golf Valley (Las Brisas, Aloha and Los Naranjos), protected by the look of La Concha to the East. Undoubtedly the well-kept streets, the immense villas with the most impressive entrances make up the urbanization and are its best introduction, and thanks to the height of its land they enjoy stunning views of the sea. One of the characteristics of La Cerquilla is usually the architecture of the villas, which keep a traditional style, but with great technological improvements and sometimes with contemporary interiors.


Tucked under the slopes of the Las Brisas Golf course we find Parcelas del Golf. This urbanization has some of the most important features in the real estate market and is its location. It allows a very good quality in everyday life and also in the holiday. Golf courses, different sports courts, shops, restaurants, cafes … are some of the services we will have when opening the door of our villa in addition to being a simple walk from Puerto Banus. The urbanization is composed of around 60 villas with approximately 1,000m2 of land for each house.


Next to the golf club with the same name, we find these urbanization villas on the first line of golf. The Mediterranean houses that make up Los Naranjos Golf have a large market, especially among golf lovers. Because in addition to enjoying the golf club and that field, the proximity to the Las Brisas Golf Course and Aloha Golf along with the tranquility that is breathed by being surrounded by these immense green areas make this urbanization a perfect area for a living relaxed

In summary you can see that Nueva Andalucia and its Golf Valley is a well-known area in constant evolution right next to the Golden Mile, it is an impressive location and offers much more than golf, thanks to its restaurants, shops, weekend markets or the Turtle Lake, being very attractive to people of all ages due to this variety.

If you are planning a trip to Marbella and would like to stay in one of these houses mentioned above, or are thinking of buying in the area, please call us and we will be happy to help you refine your search and find the Nueva Andalucia property made for you.

For more details please visit: Aldea Blanca Nueva Andalucia