Ideas for an effortless garden

It is not that we do not like to work the garden, it is that if we do it in less time with equal or better results, there are plenty of hours to enjoy them resting in it.


In general, hedges do not require too much care once they are established. It is important, of course, to prepare the soil properly and with abundant organic matter, since they will remain in the same place for a long time. If you opt for formal hedges, you will have to prune them at least twice a year, so that they maintain their shape. Therefore, we recommend the informal ones, such as the arbutus or the hawthorn, which grow.


The advantages that irrigation programmers offer you are many: You can water whenever you want and for as long as you want, effortlessly and even when you are absent. And regarding the most appropriate irrigation technique, do not hesitate, drip. It allows to save water, it hardly requires maintenance, its installation is easy and lasts a long time.


They are beautiful, they provide movement and landscape interest, and help to evacuate water that does not seep after the rains. Of course, try to be soft and not to form hollows in the lower part, because the safest thing is that the water is retained there.


Planting in early fall, the roots adjust to the conditions of the new site while the first rains fall and the mild winter passes, and they can better face the summer drought. For this, good drainage is essential, but also the incorporation of compost or mulch in the soil before planting.


Small or large are basic to solve problems and avoid, above all, diseases. For example, you must clarify the branch that goes into the cups to allow the sun to enter, as well as keep the vegetations without wilting.


Its cultivation is very simple and they report many advantages. For example, they prevent the birth of weeds, hinder the evaporation of the most exposed soils, shade the ground and keep it fresh longer, the leaves – when decomposing slowly – serve as padding, prevent erosion on sloping terrain … Some of the best upholsteries are: Hosta fortunei “Aurea”, Aegopodium podagraria, Stachys byzantina, Phlox subulata, Geranium endressi or Arabis caucasica.


The few days of sunshine and the acidic soils of the Atlantic climate make Azaleas, rhododendrons, heather, camellias and hydrangeas grow practically without any care. Give them water without lime when the weather is exceptionally dry and hot. Here it has trees like oaks, maples and beech trees, They will give you little work and will allow you to plant at your feet hostas, astilbes, bergenias, etc.


If the garden is in an area exposed to the wind, surround it with a screen or a hedge that will filter the air protecting delicate plants. The wind, besides being able to knock down the tallest and thinnest, exerts a desiccant action. Installing windbreaks will save irrigation and create protected areas where to grow the species that need protection. Form a natural barrier with bushes and trees or install wooden screens, wicker reeds


The trick of whitewashing the walls comes from old. In addition to protecting the walls from erosion, it serves as a disinfectant and thermal insulator by reflecting sunlight. It is not in vain that it is good to preserve traditions. As well as grow in terracotta containers, natural or enameled. It is the material that best retains moisture and freshness of substrates.


The tools for the garden, Whether manual, electric or gasoline, they will save you a lot of work in the garden. But it is necessary that they are easy to use, if they are of motor that make little noise, and that they are so comfortable to use, that they do not overload the back or shoulders. For example, if you have long hedges, a hedge trimmer it will allow you to keep them perfect with hardly any effort; For large lawns, we recommend a mower and trimmer, or better, a robotic lawnmower; to collect the fallen leaves in autumn, a blower-vacuum cleaner. And to prepare the ground, a motoazada.

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